No matter how extraordinary a brand experience is visually, it’s only as good as connections it makes with consumers. If the staff—the ambassadors, marketing team, artists, entertainers, trainers, presenters, etc.—are not meticulously trained and strong communicators, your experience will flop. And we’re not fans of flops.

We’re a full-service staffing agency that has literally hit the road and scoured the country to interview in person and hire the most professional, intellectual, service-driven, and charismatic talent. Our database features hundreds of artists, brand ambassadors, and entertainers whom we’ve interviewed in person then invested in with training. We match talent with brands on a project-by-project basis. The right people represent your brand every time.

As a full-service staffing agency, we provide the best in brand ambassadors, trade show staff, temp staff, experiential marketing teams, artists, performers, promotional models, and more. We will handpick only the most suitable professionals to complement and enhance your brand experience.
We base our talent selection on a thorough understanding of your brand as well as your goals. Our wide selection of professionals provides à-la-carte staffing solutions for anything you need.


For brands to effectively take their message to the streets and engage busy pedestrians, it takes more than a warm body and a wry smile. We supply trained experiential marketing teams led by passionate brand ambassadors. They may draw in a crowd with their charisma, but it’s their integrity, professionalism, and poise that captivates the audience and delivers key brand points while driving home sales and brand awareness.