Meet Our Leadership Team

Creating experiences and events that impress starts at the top. This is the team that never settles for second best.




Monica is our fearless leader. A visionary and a self-described perfectionist who is intentionally hands-on with all projects—because she absolutely loves the work and the clients. When we say “love,” we’re not exaggerating. Monica is beyond passionate about our work here at The Concierge Club.

“I am so excited when Monday comes around,” she confesses, “because I actually miss my employees and clients over the weekend!”

As President, Monica has her hands in a lot of pies. She oversees business development, sales, ideation, budget management, client relationships, and on-boarding. She does it all really, because she loves it all.

Her greatest asset is her people magnetism. People are drawn to Monica, and she to them. She’s a natural networker and relationship builder—She does what she says she’s going to do when she says she’s going to do it. She’s intelligent, creative, witty, dynamic. And she doesn’t take any shit. We couldn’t imagine anyone else at our helm.



Casey is a whole lot of impressive things: A solution provider, problem solver, and connector with expertise in designing, promoting, and executing advanced consumer intercept, acquisition, and experiential marketing programs. He has a 20-year career delivering brand and marketing results for all types of organizations—from pharma to fashion, finance to telecom, electronic to automotive.

“I love feeling like I am doing something that makes others happy,” he says.

Casey is notoriously calm under fire. The epitome of the old adage that “still waters run deep.” He impresses with his impeccable ability to help others rise, overcome challenge and pull off seemingly impossible tasks. His glass is always half full, and it’s a kind of optimism that’s infectious.




It’s important that our team feels connected, like part of a whole, and shares the same vision, even when we’re apart. Lorraine makes that happen.

“People are an organization’s most important asset,” she says. “I love helping the team achieve ultimate job satisfaction.”

As an HR professional, it’s no surprise that Lorraine is a people person. She is also well-versed in culture, healthy work environments, and relationship building. Lorraine works hard to build bridges, motivate teams, and lead by example. She’s also instrumental in
creating an environment here at The Concierge Club that fosters deep relationships, mutual respect, and a whole lotta fun and creativity, too.



Andrew is the kind of professional you want in charge of the numbers. He is impeccably
organized and intensely focused on the details. He has an inherent understanding of both the big picture and the itty bitty minutia. He quite literally loves finance, spreadsheets, and budget analysis, and is always happy to answer our staff and clients’ financial questions.

“I love all financial aspects of the business,” he says. “I like to work closely with all departments to have a full understanding of the financials.”

As Financial Controller, Andrew oversees everything financial—from invoicing and team payroll to remittances and client program budgets. His work ethic is unwavering and his response time is super quick. He doesn’t like to leave people hanging, and he’s never met a financial problem he couldn’t solve.




Vincent has an eye for the extraordinary and a penchant for the luxurious. He has extensive experience working in Europe with some of the world’s most beautiful brands and the best designers, florists and suppliers to bring lavish, tailor-made wedding events to fruition for some of the world’s most famous lovebirds.

“My secret is to work with people I love,” he divulges. “and trust their savoir-faire.” 

 Vincent is bringing his European flair and creativity to our clients locally, which means you can expect the standard of events and design in Toronto to change extraordinarily. For the absolute better. Actually, for the best. Vincent makes dreams come true, and he’s remarkable at it. He marries beauty with design on the daily, and our clients couldn’t be more elated.



Tania is a bundle of extreme positivity. She has an innate ability to bring joy to complex projects and challenging situations. Connecting with clients, bridging gaps, and developing unbreakable relationships is more than a job for Tania, it’s actual fun. She gets a kick out of relationship building and is often found grinning ear to ear.

“I don’t even notice when I work overtime,” she confesses, “because I love it here. I’m having so much fun!”

As an Account Manager, Tania’s responsibilities are lofty. She oversees a portfolio of customers—all with unique needs. She takes great care to dig deep and understand their vision, needs, and objectives so she can manage and inspire our internal team to deliver beyond expectation.

If enthusiasm is what you want, Tania has it in spades. She loves our clients’ projects as much (and even more) than they do. Which makes her the most persistent, passionate, and professional person to bring dreams to fruition.




Sara is a stickler for efficiency and a natural, as a result, at planning and running complex projects. She’s a woman who cares intensely about the details—because she knows the magic (and the success of every project) lies in the details. She runs projects fluidly and nourishes client relationships genuinely. Ultimately, Sara cares. Deeply.

“I thrive upon being able to provide our clients with seamless and successful program executions”, she says. “Seeing programs come to life and the satisfaction on my clients faces is the most rewarding part.”

As an Account Manager, Sara oversees a variety of programs through every stage—from planning to execution through to final reporting. She manages expectations against timelines and budgets and has never met a complication she couldn’t devise an innovative solution for to overcome. Her dedication is unmatched; just ask our clients who regularly rave about her incredible work ethic and sublime organization skills.



Adam turns ideas into realities in a really big way—and usually with a lot of oohing and aahing. He works with the team and our clients to transform visionary concepts into tangible results by rendering 3-D designs.

“I love being able to create an idea, find a solution, and inspire further innovation,” he says.

Adam has 20+ years of experience as a well-rounded creative genius, really. He has been a graphic designer, motion designer, photographer, web developer, custom fabricator, sign designer, and now is a master 3-D and CAD artist who constantly amazes. His forte is in problem-solving. We come up with a lot of lofty ideas here, and Adam plugs away until he can find a way to execute it smartly. And he always does.




Jordan is a collaborator. He brings great people together to do great things. Building and nurturing teams is second nature to Jordan. So is motivating a tribe to excellence.

“There is literally no obstacle that cannot be overcome,” says Jordan. “Our common goal is excellence. And we always get there.”

As our Senior Staff Manager, Jordan is responsible for managing our field teams—brand ambassadors, promotional models, and specialty staff. He’s also tasked with ensuring those team are nothing short of amazing. Every time. A task he delivers on time and again.

Jordan’s innate ability to inspire brilliance in our field teams, keeps clients happy and brand experiences impressive. He never settles for anything less than outstanding and motivates our teams to push what’s possible every time. He’s the right leader for a branded army.



Naomi is a master collaborator and incredibly versatile in skillset, which makes her the ideal woman to bring big picture ideas to life. Our clients love her because she is hyper organized and never phased by bumps in the road.

“I believe that your work is a reflection of you,” she says. “So I do my absolute best every time. My goal is to help my clients reach their goals.”

As Account Coordinator, Naomi is responsible for seeing to it that every piece of every project, from start to finish, is executed smoothly. This is a daunting task that she takes on with fervor. Her strong work ethic means that she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating solutions to challenges. Her refreshing and eager go-get-‘em attitude makes projects come to life seamlessly and with an air of extreme excitement and pride, every time.




Elle is our resident social media powerhouse. With a strong background in marketing and modelling, Elle’s started with us as a talented brand ambassador for companies like Audi, Guess and Rockstar Energy. With poise and passion, Elle proved to be an essential asset to the company and was soon promoted to bigger projects with high-profile clients such as Justin Bieber, Dragon’s Den, and Guerlain cosmetics.

Brimming with a creative spark, Elle draws in new talent and is responsible for making social media integral to our growing success. With a toolkit full of essential and marketable skills such as Photoshop, content writing and design, Elle has always welcomed new challenges with a positive attitude and hardworking spirit. Elle’s aspirational people skills and strong work ethic make her a welcome addition to the company.