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Valentino Beauty official launch in Canada

December 22, 2022

Best Experiential Marketing Activations This Year

Experiential marketing is all about engaging customers and other relevant stakeholders. This can be done through event marketing executions such as conferences, product showcases, guerilla marketing, brand activations, and so on.   Here at The Concierge Club, we believe that the best experiential marketing campaigns are targeted, memorable, and engagement-worthy. In this article, we cover experiential […]

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A marketer writing the word “audience” on a whiteboard using a black ink

December 15, 2022

6 Marketing Trends Shaping the Industry in 2023

Marketing trends never stay the same. They come and go as brands learn to leverage new technology. A few trends may have dominated 2022, but this could all change next year. What do marketing experts see on the horizon for 2023? 1. Experience Marketing In 2023, millennials will continue to prioritize brands that give them […]

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a muse painted like a sculpture poses for the camera

November 16, 2022

Albourne x The Concierge Club Corporate Events Case Study

What started as an idea to enlighten and entertain clients, employees, and stakeholders, Albourne was committed to hosting this year’s annual corporate conference in a way they never had before. This October, they partnered with The Concierge Club to bring their vision to life with a series of momentous occasions. In true Concierge Club fashion, […]

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Attendees at an event designed by The Concierge Club

October 20, 2022

7 Unique Event Elements That Affect Attendee Experience

Of course you want to wow your guests—from curated Instagram moments to memorable experiences your attendees rave about the next day. The success of your event all comes down to a few crucial elements that could make or break the attendee experience.  In this article, we dive deeper into the seven unique event elements you […]

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An accountant computes the company’s end-of-the-year marketing budget

September 21, 2022

7 Savvy Ways to Spend Your End-of-Year Marketing Budget

Use it or lose it.  That’s how it usually works when it comes to accounting for the end-of-year marketing budget. If you don’t utilize your budget this year, it will be hard to justify the same budget for the upcoming year. But spending money simply for the sake of spending it isn’t optimal. It wastes […]

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A group of people eat snacks and sip on drinks at an after party

September 7, 2022

Trade Show Theme Ideas and After Party Planning Guide

If you want your brand to gain attention from the right crowds, join a trade show. But if you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests and clients, throw an epic trade show after party! Afterparties are a whole lot of fun, but they’re not easy to put together. It requires major organizational […]

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A man wearing futuristic virtual reality glasses for a brand’s immersive experience

August 17, 2022

6 Tips for Engaging B2B Customers Through Immersive Experiences

The act of buying isn’t always a purely rational, fact-driven process. Our feelings, beliefs, and perceptions also influence our decisions when it comes to choosing which products or services to avail of.  The same consumer psychology applies to a business-to-business or B2B setup. Let’s take a closer look at the B2B buying behaviour and how […]

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A panel discussion at a tech conference

August 3, 2022

The Best Tech Conferences in Austin You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

From computers to inventory control and accounting systems, there’s no doubt technology is changing the way businesses operate.  So if you’re a business owner trying to find new tools you can use for your company, or a tech wizard looking for inspiration and new ideas, check out our list of the best tech conferences in […]

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Conference attendees listen to the speaker in the conference hall

July 20, 2022

Top Toronto Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss This 2022

Interested in meeting other professionals from your industry? Are you looking to expand your network, learn about the latest industry trends, and discover other development opportunities? You’ll certainly find something that’s worth your time and money in our list of top Toronto conferences this 2022. It covers a variety of industries—from science and technology to […]

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A cameraman live streams an event

July 6, 2022

6 Insider Tips for Designing Hybrid Events

The year 2020 marked the time when the world shifted from face-to-face gatherings to virtual events. Initially, it was challenging adjusting to the new normal, but people quickly became comfortable with digital setups. Now that the world has opened up again, the event landscape has shifted. There is no denying the benefits virtual events provided […]

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a larger-than-life immersive art experience in a warehouse

June 21, 2022

What an Immersive Art Experience Can Teach Us About Experiential Marketing

Have you ever seen a painting so captivating that you find yourself staring at it for hours, consumed by thoughts of another world? Now, imagine yourself being surrounded by an art piece so creative that you feel you’re a part of that artwork. That’s what an immersive art experience is. It’s art integrated with sound […]

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Jessica Gorlicky paints a live mural during the Influencer Takeover Event

June 14, 2022

The Concierge Club x Valentino Beauty Case Study

This spring, The Concierge Club had the pleasure of launching Valentino Garavani’s new beauty line, Valentino Beauty, in Canada. This integrated event invited beauty influencers—ring lights and all—to fully immerse themselves in a hands-on experience that truly exemplifies the brand through colour, creativity, and couture. About Valentino Garavani  Valentino Garavani is an Italian luxury fashion […]

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A busy mall filled with the many types of consumers

May 18, 2022

Tips to Creating Experiences Targeted to Specific Types of Consumers

No company can survive without customers—they’re the pillar of any business. You have to understand and satisfy their needs in order to retain them. But if you want your business to grow, what you need is new customers. For this, you must have an understanding of which types of experiential marketing attract which type of […]

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People checking out products in booths at a trade show

May 11, 2022

What Challenges Are Waiting for Trade Shows in 2022?

Trade shows went through several transitions because of COVID-19. From cancellations to going digital to making tentative plans for face-to-face events in 2021. This year, they are set to make a comeback. But because of venue restrictions, social distancing, and personal safety concerns, trade shows will certainly look and run differently. Top 5 Challenges for […]

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Polar Holiday Experience

April 20, 2022

What to Look for When Hiring an Experiential Marketing Agency

Consume experiences, not things. This seems to be the mantra of the new generation as recent studies on behavioural economics indicate. How did this millennial paradigm come about? It was perhaps the rising popularity of social media platforms that gave birth to business models which allow people (or influencers) to generate income while they share […]

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Broadcast engineers working at a studio

February 23, 2022

Why Virtual Events Will Remain Relevant After In-Person Events Return

It’s not that virtual events weren’t in existence before 2020. The first virtual event happened way before that—back in 1993, as a matter of fact. It’s been almost 20 years since, but virtual events continue to serve a purpose for more specific types of events—albeit, in the background of in-person alternatives—until COVID-19. The pandemic very […]

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A neon sign that says “The world is temporarily closed” as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on

February 16, 2022

How to Adjust Your Event Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” – Kakuzo Okakura Effective communication is crucial in marketing. It’s a core component in building relationships between people and brands.  The pandemic changed how marketers— well, everyone—communicates. So, how do you stay connected in a world where people have become so distant from each […]

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The Concierge Club CF Spring Market XM event

January 19, 2022

What is Experiential Marketing?

Marketing has taken on various forms over the years. It’s now evolved into a combination of utilizing both traditional and digital channels to promote products and services. Advancement in technology has transformed the way we communicate, share, and disseminate information. And with the onset of this new media, the dynamic process of reaching your market […]

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The Polar Drive-Through - The Concierge Club

November 4, 2020

Polar Drive-Through: Toronto Holiday Event

Experience holiday magic from the comfort of your car! Polar Drive-Through is coming to town. Get your tickets to the best holiday experience in Toronto now!

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Need for Experiential Marketing

June 22, 2020

Need for Experiential Marketing in the Social Distancing Era

THE NEED FOR EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING IN A SOCIALLY-DISTANCED WORLD COVID-19 has shaken things up—life, business, and the way of the world all feel so very different. Because they are different. But different isn’t something to fear; it’s an opportunity to rise. For experiential marketing agency (like us) who create memorable brand experiences usually in large group environments, […]

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The Future Looks Bright for Marketing Agencies

March 17, 2020

Surviving the Coronavirus Lockdown: The Future Looks Bright for Marketing Agencies

SURVIVING THE CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN:THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT FOR MARKETING AGENCIES The world as a whole is going through one of its worst crises – probably the biggest one in our lifetime. The fast-spreading coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it, bringing entire nations to a standstill. Most countries have closed borders and are in […]

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