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Experiential Marketing Trends That Will Shape the Industry in 2022

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Experiential marketers aren’t exactly strangers to industry changes. With consumers’ tastes and preferences constantly evolving, we can adapt to anything that comes our way.

But the COVID-19 global pandemic is a different matter altogether. Businesses suffered a huge blow to their profits and had to cut their marketing budget, rethinking how they wanted to spend their precious dollars. 

To adapt, experiential marketing trends shifted toward digital channels and other creative means. Now that economic recovery is gaining momentum, what does the rest of the year look like for experiential marketing? 

7 Experiential Marketing Trends That will Reach the Post-Pandemic Consumer

Will consumers continue to embrace the habits they’ve developed during the pandemic? Or will they go back to the old normal?

Here are seven experiential marketing trends that we think will reach the post-pandemic consumer in 2022:

1. Virtual Experiential Marketing

Starting almost exclusively with in-person events, experiential marketing has evolved to work within the virtual environment like the rest of the world and will continue to do so this year. 

But will the experience be less poignant if it remains online? 

Most brands and consumers have already accepted virtual experiences. And with a creative, out-of-the-box approach, digital experiential marketing can be just as effective a way to reach your audience.

Use technology advancements to your advantage. For example, you can integrate Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) into your campaign to make it more immersive! A simulated environment makes it easier for your audience to interact with your brand which can help increase conversions and build brand loyalty, hitting your campaign goals!

A woman wearing a VR headset at an experiential marketing event

2. Experiential Events Will Be Hybrid

The desire to gather is strong. With the world slowly reopening, experiential marketing trends will be a combination of both digital and in-person events

Although this happened a while ago, Ben & Jerry’s Tweet the Truck campaign is an apt example of hybrid experiential marketing that worked!

To promote a new flavour, the popular ice cream brand gave away free ice cream in New York and other major North American cities. But instead of staying in one spot and letting consumers find them, they asked fans to tweet where they wanted the ice cream truck to go. 

They gave away full scoops, too, instead of serving the usual tiny free samples people might have come to expect. It’s a great way of incorporating technology into a traditional campaign to connect to people, make them feel special, and build and strengthen a loyal fan base. 

3. More Branded Art Installations

After two years of staying at home, consumers want to feel connected, to find some sort of release from the anxiety and stress of the past two years. This year, we’re expecting to see more outdoor branded art installations.

This experiential marketing trend isn’t exactly new, but it will have a renewed impact on customer engagement. 

Public outdoor art installations are a great way to inspire your audience and give your brand more recognition without worrying too much about everchanging COVID-19 safety protocols.

With eye-catching concepts, your audience will surely take notice (even while they’re stuck in their cars in the middle of traffic), take pictures, and post them on social media. This will generate a buzz, giving you good social media mileage.  

4. Integration of Interactive Digital Touch Points

Aside from VR and AR, experiential marketing trends of 2022 will also include the integration of interactive digital experiences such as contests, giveaways, polls, surveys, and videos to live shows.

People love playing interactive games, even if it’s a live performance. It makes them feel more comfortable. This feeling of being “at home” is what will ultimately create more conversions and sales.

A camera ready to stream live video at an event

5. Brand Values Will Become Important Now More Than Ever

2022 will be about experiences with a purpose. The pandemic made people re-examine the brands they support—they want them to stand for the same values they have.

Thus, experiential marketing trends for 2022 should highlight your own values. What your brand stands for must clearly shine in your campaign.

More people will also be supporting brands with a mission or companies that use part of their profit for social good. So your marketing plan should include an element of giving back such as partnering with non-profit organizations. This not only helps grow your business but gets your brand recognized in the community.

6. Diversity and Inclusivity

If you want your brand to have a more meaningful connection to your audience, make diversity and inclusion a priority. Experiential marketing trends of 2022 will be using more unique visual, sensory, and cognitive experiences that foster a sense of belonging. 

Events will be more diverse to reach a broader audience and make everyone feel a part of a greater experience.

7. Personalized Interactions at Pop-ups

It’s been almost a decade, but the popularity of the pop-up format hasn’t waned at all. In fact, it will continue to be popular for years to come. This is because pop-ups give consumers the freedom to test out and get to know a product better without any commitment. 

At the same time, companies can capture immediate feedback from consumers by observing their initial reaction as it happens. It’s like doing research, only in real-time. A win-win!

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