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Experiential Marketing Calgary

we make  experiential marketing memorable

we make  experiential marketing memorable

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Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club

Create experiences worth sharing. Design them with authenticity. This is how The Concierge Club is reshaping experiential marketing in Calgary. The goal is to unite your brand with your target audience – and by teaming up with the leading event planning company in Calgary, you will get exponentially closer to that dream. Making your next event unforgettable starts right here.

Elevated Calgary Events and Experiences

As the sunniest city in Canada, Calgary is a haven for outdoor events. With 333 days of sunshine a year, nothing can rain on your parade. In this city, the weather is on your side  —  as are the creative possibilities for your events.
With so many opportunities at your disposal, you need a team with an innovative vision to design a memorable experience that perfectly reflects your brand. A vision that will inspire people to pause on all of the noise and pay attention to your event. Whether it’s online, in-person, or on the street, we design experiential marketing Calgary events that are meaningful and unforgettable. What sets us apart is our unique approach of diving deep into the psyche of your target audience. With our refreshingly creative take on event planning, your Calgary events will shine the brightest in the sunniest city.

Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club CalgaryExperiential Marketing Calgary - The Concierge Club
Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club Calgary

Our Event Planning Services

Events are an ecosystem. We make each piece work harmoniously with each other. To ensure that every detail of your event stands out with originality, our team covers total, end-to-end deployment. With the help of the leading event planning and experiential marketing company in Calgary, your next event will resonate and engage beyond imagination. We’ve succeeded at doing this for the biggest brands in the world by designing elevated events and experiences. With The Concierge Club, you’re just a few steps away from making it happen for your brand. 

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If you want your brand to make a mark and be unforgettable, then teaming up with a top experiential marketing agency is the way to go. Make a strong impact on your target audience with our groundbreaking experiential marketing ideas. 

People love to engage. It’s up to you to prove that your brand is worth engaging with. Give your target audience the chance to immerse themselves in an authentic branded experience with The Concierge Club’s experiential marketing services in Calgary. Instead of just telling your target audience why they should connect with your brand, you let them see for themselves. The power of experience works every time.



Private Events - The Concierge Club TorontoPrivate Events - The Concierge Club

Private Events

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Celebrate your life’s milestones without having to worry about all the stressful event planning. Leave it up to the team that works day and night to make magic happen. The Concierge Club fully customizes events to your version of perfection. We take all your goals, desires, and expectations into account so we can pitch an original idea that suits your style. 

Our team always designs a plan A, B, and C, so our clients never have to worry about things going south. We work tirelessly to make event dreams come true so you can sit back, relax, and live in the moment of your occasion. This is why we’re the top event planning company in Calgary.



Corporate Events - The Concierge Club Corporate Events - The Concierge Club

Corporate Events

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Whether you’re celebrating a company milestone or looking to reward and motivate employees, The Concierge Club continues to break the mould. As one of the leading event planning companies in Calgary, you can count on our team to design an epic corporate event that will go down in history as one of the greats. 

We’ll blend your vision with our expertise to design a business gathering that bursts with originality. You can officially wave goodbye to the times when corporate events were idle and mundane.



PR Events - The Concierge Club PR Events - The Concierge Club

PR Events

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Relating with the right people will take your company to places you never even imagined. Public relations gives you the chance to showcase exactly why your company is worth connecting with. Carrying this out successfully requires innovative and refreshing strategies. Whether it’s influencer events or product launches, we know exactly how to put the spotlight on your company’s PR events

The Concierge Club isn’t just the expert in building brand experiences; we build relationships. With help of our team, your PR Calgary events will earn the interest and trust of the public — all while amplifying your brand awareness.



Leading Event Planning Company in Calgary

From large-scale events to private occasions, The Concierge Club designs every project with originality and innovation. Every single detail is planned from a fresh perspective so you can inspire your target audience to connect with your brand. Our unique approach has earned us a reputation for excellence and has made us one of the country’s top experiential marketing companies. 

We’re a full-service agency that’s constantly reshaping the event industry with our game-changing ideas. Event planning and experiential marketing in Calgary has never been more elevated.