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Giving back with Evertreen

The Concierge Club advocates for positive change worldwide by adopting sustainable practices. We are proud to partner with Evertreen, an outstanding initiative focused on planting real trees, offsetting CO2 emissions, and uplifting communities in need. This conscious collaboration and commitment ensure sustainability and social responsibility to benefit and impact the environment.

Our forest
Trees planted Trees planted 500 Trees planted
CO2 absorbed CO2 absorbed 75.00 TONS OF CO2 BEING
Hours generated Hours generated 63 WORKING HOURS
Countries served Countries served 7 COUNTRIES

Evertreen's mission is to facilitate environmental restoration and improve lives by enabling businesses to plant trees, reduce their carbon footprint, and support socio-economic development in underprivileged areas. With a global reach through Eden Reforestation Projects, Evertreen works in various countries, including Nepal, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Michigan (USA), and Canada.

About Us - The Concierge Club
About Us - The Concierge Club

By joining Evertreen's initiative, businesses can contribute to environmental stewardship by planting trees and monitoring their growth through satellite technology. This innovative approach empowers businesses to track tree health, photosynthetic activity, and more. Evertreen also strives to uplift communities by creating employment opportunities for people living in extreme poverty, transforming them into agents of global forest restoration.

The Concierge Club Forest project exemplifies this vision by planting trees for every event we work on, offsetting an estimated 150 to 380 KGs of CO2 emissions per tree. This effort combats climate change and promotes economic development and social empowerment in vulnerable communities. The project works with local communities to ensure trees are planted and adequately maintained. This project shows how sustainable development is possible through collaboration and community involvement.

As a 100% women and minority-owned company, The Concierge Club holds a unique perspective and strong commitment to promoting diversity and positive change in our business practices. Our goal of significantly impacting society and the environment stems from this foundation, driving our desire to make a meaningful difference beyond crafting premium experiences and events.

About Us - The Concierge Club
About Us - The Concierge Club

Our partnership with Evertreen aligns with our values and empowers us to contribute to a greener, more equitable future. Evertreen's environmental restoration and community support efforts echo our dedication to inclusivity, sustainable growth, and meaningful change. Together, we reinforce our commitment to creating a lasting, positive impact on the world.

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Let's work together to make a difference. Visit The Concierge Club's Evertreen profile and plant a tree for the cause today. With your environmental stewardship, you can help offset CO2 emissions, fight climate change, and support communities worldwide. Together, we can create a lasting, positive impact on our planet and its people.