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Bringing You Elevated Corporate Events

Your brand is unique, your corporate events should be too.

Your brand is unique, your corporate events should be too.

Corporate Events - The Concierge Club
Corporate Events - The Concierge Club

You can officially wave goodbye to corporate events that are dull and mundane. The Concierge Club plans, executes, and manages premium corporate events so brand experiences become unforgettable. 

Your brand is unique — and we’ll design luxury corporate events that are also one-of-a-kind. With our forward-thinking vision, we’re shaking up the corporate events scene. Our team has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands to create extraordinary brand experiences. Our refreshing ideas set us apart and have made us the leading event planning company.

Bring us your idea—no matter how lavish, luxurious, creative, or even inconceivable. We love breaking the mold and delivering awe-inspired originality.

What Is a
Corporate Event?

Corporate events are held to bring your staff, clients, or stakeholders together. Whether you’re organizing a conference, a corporate campaign, or a product launch, leave it up to the top event planning company to make it a moment of immense impact. With the help of The Concierge Club, business gatherings are never boring. Our mission is to design corporate events that leave companies, staff, and clients awe-struck. And we’ve succeeded every single time.

Corporate Events -  The Concierge ClubCorporate Events - The Concierge Club
Corporate Events - The Concierge Club

Our Corporate Event Planning Services

The Concierge Club’s team of corporate event planners and marketing experts have you covered from A to Z. Our team takes care of all the fundamental aspects of your corporate event to the smallest of details. When we work on a project, every single element works in perfect harmony — and the result is always stunning.

Tell us all about your vision and we’ll blend it with our extraordinary strategies to create a picture-perfect corporate event.

Our Capabilities


Meeting arrangement

Logistics facilitation

Labour fulfillment




Guestlist management

Venue selection

A/V lighting






Swag Bags

Social media

Types of Corporate Events
We Execute

& Seminars

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Conferences and seminars are so often perceived as a big yawn. It’s the 21st century and the world has evolved exponentially — the way conferences and seminars are executed should evolve too. These gatherings can be as informative and productive as they are entertaining. We’re sparking this revolutionary change in the corporate event scene. The Concierge Club knows exactly how to keep a crowd awake and fully engaged. 

Corporate Events


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Trade fairs, conventions, and consumer shows give you the chance to exhibit and demonstrate your latest products and services. When surrounded by other brands in your industry, capturing the attention of corporate event attendees can be challenging. Showcase what your brand has to offer in high style with The Concierge Club

An effective exhibit will turn heads at trade shows and garner the buzz and industry connections necessary to take your brand to greater heights. With a top corporate event planner behind you, you’re about to elevate your brand and make your presence known at your next trade show.

Corporate Events - The Concierge Club


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Debuting a new product should make waves. You’ve built excitement on the days leading up to the big reveal. Now, you have to make sure the launch event doesn’t disappoint. Leave your audience invested at your next product launch with the help of our team of corporate event professionals. We know what it takes to bring sold-out success. 

Corporate Events -  The Concierge Club


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Whether you’re marking a company milestone or just want to motivate your staff, leave it all up to the corporate event planning company that knows how to celebrate in luxurious style. The power of building a close connection with your team should never be underestimated. When carried out the right way, company events can do just that.

Your team works hard. They deserve a company event they can look forward to.

Company Events - The Concierge Club

And More

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We’re all about breaking the mould — because of this, we know all too well that not every corporate event fits a certain cookie-cutter plan. Go beyond the expected and take event planning to the next level with The Concierge Club. We make the impossible possible. No matter how eccentric your vision is, we’ll dream it to life  —  and add our signature style to it in the process. 

Corporate Events - The Concierge Club

Tell us all about your vision and we’ll blend it with our extraordinary strategies to create a picture-perfect corporate event.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Corporate Event Planner

Corporate events should bring you closer to your target demographic, your existing clients, and bring your team together. This goal can only be accomplished if your corporate event is planned strategically. It takes a top-tier skill set to put together company events that build strong connections and amplify brand awareness. 

Hiring the right corporate event planning company makes all the difference. But you don’t have to search the world for a team that can make it happen. We’re right here.

How We
Can Help

Not everyone looks forward to corporate events as an opportunity to entertain and inspire. We’re changing that. The Concierge Club’s refreshing take on events is reshaping the corporate event planning scene in Canada and the United States for good. The bar has been set high for company events — and there’s no turning back from here. 

Corporate events are more than just business suits and briefcases. As a top event planning company, our events are corporate chic and beyond entertaining. Businesses, employees, and staff are left in awe every time.

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