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Luxury Experiential Marketing

People forget words, but they'll never forget experiences.

People forget words, but they'll never forget experiences.

Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club
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To ensure your brand is remembered, you’ll need to inspire your target audience with dynamic, fully immersive experiences. Create meaningful connections between your brand and consumers with The Concierge Club. As a luxury experiential marketing agency, our team has designed industry-leading campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our groundbreaking strategies continue to successfully turn potential consumers into brand loyalists. Don’t just tell everyone why your brand is worth connecting with, show them. Leave your mark through our data-driven experiential marketing services.

What is Experiential Marketing?

With marketing efforts targeting consumers from every direction, how do you convince them to pay attention to you? This is the real challenge — and what we’ve helped countless clients overcome through our luxury experiential marketing services. 

Experiential marketing is a much more forward-thinking form of advertising that directly engages people. Whether it’s an immersive experience or retail activation, experiential marketing encourages the active participation of consumers. Instead of passive advertising campaigns that have the chance of missing the mark, you’re letting your target demographics experience your products or services firsthand.

Experiential Marketing - The Concierge ClubCFBRIGHTER - The Concierge Club
Our Experiential Marketing Services - The Concierge Club

Our Experiential Marketing Services

As a premium experiential marketing agency, we’ve got you covered from A to Z. From the ideation process to social media and PR integration, The Concierge Club curates every element of our experiential marketing strategies with years of experience and data behind us. When all the details — both big and small — work in perfect harmony, your campaign results always deliver memorable and engaging brand experiences. With the leading experiential marketing agency behind you, your campaigns are about to be bigger, better, and utterly unforgettable.

Our Capabilities

Project / Account Manager

Ideation / Design

Experience Planning

Project Branding


Venue Selection & Management

Sponsorship Procurement & Integration

Budget Management

In-house Ambassador Facilitation


Data Capture


Contesting & Giveaways

Social Media & PR Integration

Types of Experiential Marketing
We Provide


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Inspire consumers to see for themselves why your brand is worth engaging with through immersive experiences. The goal of this type of experiential marketing is to elevate consumers’ view of your brand to unforgettable heights. Instead of directly handing out your products for them to try out, this strategy leverages the power of connection through lived experience. 

Immersive experiences require an environment that showcases your brand in an entirely new light. Take consumers to another world with The Concierge Club’s innovative experiential marketing strategies.

Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club


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Activate your brand in the minds of consumers through experiential marketing. Whether you’re launching a new product or simply want to boost brand awareness, there’s nothing like an engaging brand activation to capture attention. 

With the leading experiential marketing agency behind you, you’ll be on your way to building lasting connections at your brand activations in no time. 

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If you have a quality product, show it off. 

Put the spotlight on the best your brand has to offer with a product showcase. The Concierge Club’s team will design a luxury experiential marketing campaign that solidifies your brand and its products in the minds of consumers as sold-out must-haves.

Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club


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Create stunning kiosks at retail outlets with our team’s forward-thinking experiential marketing strategies. Your target audience will be immersed in a branded experience of high style. In a world where people constantly gravitate to everything aesthetically pleasing, give them a picture-perfect experience with the help of the leading experiential marketing agency. 

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Advertising can so easily be repetitive and mundane. There’s beauty in the unconventional. 

Disrupt the ordinary with guerilla marketing. This is a strategy that catches people off guard in memorable and often humorous ways. Whether it’s the installation of an interactive structure, or a thought-provoking mural, the goal of guerilla marketing is to generate hype and excitement around your brand. As a premier experiential marketing agency, we’ll help you get closer to that goal. The element of surprise should never be underestimated.

Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club

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Break the barriers of traditional marketing by creating epic experiences for consumers through luxury experiential marketing strategies. The possibilities are always endless with our team designing your next campaign. Dream up an unforgettable brand experience for your target market and bring it to life with The Concierge Club. No idea is ever too out there! 

Experiential marketing - The Concierge Club

With the leading experiential marketing agency behind you, your campaigns are about to be bigger, better, and utterly unforgettable.

Why Hiring the Right Experiential Marketing Agency is so Important

Consumers are always on the go. Often, traditional advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore. Your brand needs to offer an experience that will challenge people to explore your brand in new and exciting ways.

Make people stop in their tracks with our leading experiential marketing agency’s innovative strategies. To design campaigns that truly resonate and engage, The Concierge Club always takes a deep dive into the psyche of consumers. Having a greater understanding of the way people think enables our team to create experiential marketing campaigns that always spark curiosity.

How We
Can Help

Whether it’s online, in-person, or on the street, we create meaningful experiences that elevate your brand’s reputation. Through experiential marketing, The Concierge Club effectively connects brands to consumers across Canada and the United States. Whether it’s a beautifully designed viewing lounge or an engaging pop-up store, our team’s unconventional ideas will boost your brand awareness to epic heights.

To resonate with your key demographic, you need a game plan that’s both strategic and personal. The power of experience works like a charm. Leverage the impact of experiential marketing with The Concierge Club. 

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