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Premium PR Event Services

PR events that help create buzz and stand out from the crowd.

PR events that help create buzz and stand out from the crowd.

PR Events - The Concierge Club
PR Events - The Concierge Club

The goal of PR events is to showcase your company’s projects and achievements, raising awareness for all of your hard work. Our team continues to design and activate PR events for some of the biggest companies in the world. With our industry-leading approach to event curation, your events will truly embody your brand’s image, drive engagement, and deliver results. 

PR events are vital building blocks for your brand’s reputation. With the help of a leading experiential marketing and event planning company, you’ll be able to execute luxury PR events that help create buzz and stand out from the crowd. You’ve invited the press to your PR events to get the word out. Make sure that word is unforgettable.

What are
PR Events?

Whether you’re planning a B2B or B2C PR event, these types of events are held to make a good impression on the public. It’s all about showcasing your brand and its products or services in a buzz-worthy way. With The Concierge Club’s premium experiential marketing and PR event planning services, your guests and the press won’t be able to resist engaging.

Designing PR events that demand attention is what we’re all about. We’ve done it for the biggest brands in the world. Now, it’s time for your brand to see amazing results.

PR Events -  he Concierge ClubPR Events - The Concierge Club
PR Events - The Concierge Club

Our PR Event Planning Services

From the event’s distinct concept to the Instagram-worthy lighting, our team takes care of every single detail. As a white-glove marketing and event agency, The Concierge Club makes sure every element works in harmony so your events are always executed flawlessly. Every single detail, both big and small, are vital to creating a branded experience. At your PR events, your brand will be presented exactly the way you want to be seen. 

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Types of PR Events
We Execute

Media Preview

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Building anticipation around the launch of a new product/service or the grand opening of a new storefront location is a fool-proof marketing strategy. With media preview events, you create buzz by giving the press a little sneak peek into your brand’s newest endeavours. Stirring up the public early on contributes to skyrocketing engagement rates on launch day.  

Media preview events should leave everyone wanting more from your brand. Give your guests and the press an unforgettable experience at your PR event and show the public that there’s always something amazing to expect from your brand. 

PR Events - The Concierge Club


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The goal of brand activations is to amplify brand awareness through an event or an experience. They build lasting connections with your target audience. Create an epic brand experience with the right event planning company behind you. Our industry-leading approach to experiential marketing and PR events will drive the engagement rates that activates your brand in the minds of consumers. 

PR Events - The Concierge Club


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When it comes to marketing, brands know all too well that influencers have a huge impact on consumer decisions. They’re the celebrities of social media and a simple Instagram post can catapult any brand. This has brought about the rise of influencer events, where these online personalities are invited to attend in order for them to spread the word to their loyal followers. 

To earn your spot on the feed of a popular social media personality, your influencer event will need to be Instagram-worthy. Every detail should be aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Make it happen with The Concierge Club.

Private Events - The Concierge Club

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PR events are all about showing off your brand’s personality to the public and building relationships in the process. To get people talking, your events have to be phenomenal. You don’t have to stick to the status quo. Break the mould. Whatever it is you visualize for your PR events, our team will bring it to life. Nothing is ever too out-of-the-box for us! 

PR Events - The Concierge Club

We’ll set the vibe and break the ice — so you can build relationships at your next PR event that will propel your company forward.

The Importance of Hiring the Right PR Event Company

During PR events, the vibe check of your guests and the press is on high alert. Either you successfully convince people to relate with you or you don’t. Put your best foot forward with our leading event planning strategies. A good impression results in engagement. When you’ve brought about engagement you know you’ve succeeded at creating an experience your guests won’t soon forget. 

Carrying this out successfully requires innovative and refreshing strategies. You need a team that knows exactly how to put the spotlight on your brand. We lean on years of experience creating the most buzz-worthy PR events for some of the biggest brands in the world. Let us do the same for you and contact us today.

How We
Can Help

The Concierge Club is a leading event company in Canada and the United States with a reputation for excellence. Our clients want their events to leave an impression, so they team up with us to make every moment of their events unforgettable. PR events give you the chance to showcase exactly why your company is worth connecting with. It takes a great amount of innovation to design an event that truly resonates and convinces people to engage with your brand. 

We’ll set the vibe and break the ice — so you can build relationships at your next PR event that will propel your company forward.

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