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Private Event Planning & Execution Services

You deserve to celebrate life in style.

You deserve to celebrate life in style.

Private Events - The Concierge Club
Private Events - The Concierge Club

You deserve to celebrate life in style — and planning these celebrations shouldn’t overshadow the event itself! That’s where we come in. We’ll take care of all the hard work, so you can fully enjoy life’s most special occasions.

Whether we’re helping you design and execute exclusive VIP events or a charity event, our team brings years of event experience to the table to ensure what you envisioned comes to life. Due to our white-glove approach to private event planning, every event we execute is nothing less than sensational. With our team, you can show your guests what a real party is. 

Let’s get planning!

What is a
Private Event?

Private events encompass a wide range of parties and celebrations. They tend to be by-invitation-only, with guests who know the event hosts or special permit holders invited to attend. From epic birthday bashes to themed parties to charity events, we can help with it all.

Our experience with planning luxury private events is vast. Our industry-leading strategies have earned us an unparalleled reputation for excellence. With The Concierge Club, you’ll have your guests wishing that the party never ends.

Private Events -  The Concierge ClubPrivate Events -  The Concierge Club
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Our Private Event Planning Services

Originality is everything. The Concierge Club completely customizes private events that complement the style of our clients. Your party or celebration will be unlike any other on the planet. 

First, we’ll take all your goals, desires, and expectations into account. This is how we start designing an original idea that embodies your style. We’ll blend your vision with our event planning expertise. And in the process, we always inject our signature touch into the mix. Celebrating milestones should feel magical, and we’ll embody that in every single detail.

Our Capabilities


Meeting arrangement

Logistics facilitation

Labour fulfillment




Guestlist management

Venue selection

A/V lighting






Swag Bags

Social media

Types of Private Events
We Execute


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Birthdays are that one time of year when the spotlight is entirely on you! The best part about getting older is the memorable birthday celebrations that come along with it. Who has the time to worry about aging when you’re too busy partying in high style? With The Concierge Club’s luxury private event planning strategies, you can show your guests exactly why the world just won’t be the same without you. 

Private Events - The Concierge Club


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Themed parties are more than just a Halloween staple. They’re held all year round by the party-loving individuals who want to kick it up a notch at their celebrations. The Concierge Club curates themed parties in a way that always takes guests to another world. When it comes to themed parties, it’s all about the little details. We’re the details people you’re looking for. 

Private Events - The Concierge Club


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We’re breaking family event stereotypes and making these occasions as heart-warming as they are exciting. A creatively designed atmosphere makes all the difference. With The Concierge Club, your family events will feel like home.  

Private Events - The Concierge Club


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Create a luxury VIP experience at your next private party with the help of the leading event planning company. These occasions are more than just red carpets, front-row seats, and designer outfits. It’s about creating a memorable experience that’s as luxurious as the attendees. 

Your VIP event needs flow that’s never boring and never idle. That’s our strong suit. When you give your guests an enthralling party, that is when they’ll truly feel very important. Let The Concierge Club be your power suit at your next VIP event. 

Private Events - The Concierge Club

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The possibilities are endless. No matter how lavish your vision is, make it happen at your private party with us — the top event planning companies. All you have to do is dream it up and we’ll bring it to life. 

Private Events -  he Concierge Club

You’ve set the date for your guests, now’s the time to throw the party of the year.

Why Hiring the Right Private Event Planner is so Important

Event planning can be stressful. Private events that celebrate important milestones or occasions should be all about enjoying the moment while surrounded by those you love most. The last thing you want is to be worrying about everything at your private event going to plan. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Party the stress-free way with our white-glove private event planning services. The Concierge Club has every single detail of your event covered. We’ll take care of the checklist so you can focus on celebrating.

How We
Can Help

Parties are either a hit or a miss. There is no in-between. With the leading event planning company behind you, your private events will always be impeccably on-point. What sets us apart from other event companies in Canada and the US is that our team always designs Plan A, B, and C to overcome any obstacle that may show up We’re ready to catch you so your event plans never fall.

It’s your private party — and with The Concierge Club, you can go all out if you want to. 

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