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Premium Virtual Event Services

You deserve to celebrate life in style.

You deserve to celebrate life in style.

Virtual Events - The Concierge Club
Virtual Events - The Concierge Club

Virtual events are here to stay.

With The Concierge Club, you can deliver groundbreaking experiences that resonate beyond the four corners of a screen. Create virtual events that are just as impactful as in-person events, or support your in-person event with a hybrid model so that it can be enjoyed by guests around the world. As a virtual event planning company, we’ve helped many of the world’s biggest brands connect and engage with their audience despite the distance.

Our team’s reputation for excellence comes from our signature approach to event design. Whether it’s online or offline, we always succeed at making it unforgettable. In this fast-paced digital world, we’ll fuel your events with refreshing strategies that put you ahead of the rest.

Your virtual events are about to become a trending topic. Team up with The Concierge Club to make it happen.

What are
Virtual Events?

Even before social distancing measures were necessary, virtual events were already taking the lead. Holding events in a digital environment makes it easier for people to come together — no matter where they are on the planet. For brands, this has enabled them to stretch their reach to every corner of the world.

Whether it’s a summit or a trade show, events are going digital — and the amount of convenience they offer to attendees is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity. Ultimately, virtual events aren’t just convenient; they uphold eco-friendliness. Through virtual events, you get to expand your reach and reduce your carbon footprint.

To execute these revolutionary events effectively, team up with the top virtual event planning company. The Concierge Club’s forward-thinking skill set always enables our clients to be a step ahead of the rest — in the real and digital world.

Virtual Events -  The Concierge ClubVirtual Events -  The Concierge Club
Virtual Events - The Concierge Club

Our Virtual Event Planning Services

From step one of the planning stage until the moment your event wraps up, our team will be there to make sure every single detail is carried out flawlessly. Our all-inclusive virtual event planning services allow our clients to sit back while we do all the hard work.

The Concierge Club works tirelessly to make your vision an astonishing reality. Leave it up to the top virtual event planner to design every element of your virtual event to perfection.

Our Capabilities

Platform selection

Event marketing strategy

A/V tech requirements

Logistics facilitation

Budget management

Talent requisition

Sponsorship management

Data gathering and performance analytics

Types of Virtual Events
We Execute

Virtual Conferences
& Summits

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Keep the crowds wide-awake at your virtual conferences and summits with The Concierge Club. Engage your audiences and keep them at the edge of their seats as you discuss a common interest. With a professional team behind you, these occasions will never fail to resonate high style from the screens.

We’re here to take care of all the planning — so you can focus on the importance of your discussions. As the leading virtual event planning agency, we’ll check all the boxes on your virtual summit and virtual conference checklist.

No matter what the event is, we know how to create a flow that demands attention. Attendees will never want to look away.  

Virtual Events - The Concierge Club

Online Trade Shows
& Exhibitions

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Virtual trade shows and exhibitions that get you just as much exposure as in-person events become possible with The Concierge Club.

Showcasing and demonstrating your latest products and services in an online environment can be a challenge — all you have to do is team up with the leading virtual event planner to triumph. With our winning strategies, you can expect the visitors and fellow exhibitors to be all eyes on you.

Drive traffic and leads at your next tradeshow. Drive your company forward at an accelerated pace with The Concierge Club. 

Virtual Events - The Concierge Club

Virtual Workshops
& Seminars

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Online workshops and seminars are held by thought leaders, so the expectations to leave thought-provoking impressions behind are higher than ever. Your goal is to deliver an extraordinary message across a screen — The Concierge Club works to make sure that message is always well-received by your audiences.

Whether you’re presenting a lecture or a workshop, sharing knowledge should be carried out in a memorable way. That’s our strong suit. There’s no space for dullness. Making every virtual event unforgettable is what The Concierge Club does best.  

Virtual Events - The Concierge Club


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Give your audiences an elevated visual experience with jaw-dropping virtual tours. With The Concierge Club, you can take your viewers on exciting adventures — all through a lens that magnifies the elements of your chosen location.

We'll take the hand of your target demographic and walk them through a virtual tour that'll leave them in awe.  

Virtual Events - The Concierge Club

And More

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When it comes to virtual events, the possibilities are always endless.

Break the mould. Go above and beyond.

We’ll be right here to shine the spotlight on your virtual events because that’s what The Concierge Club is all about. No matter how eccentric your vision is, we’ll dream it to life. We make the impossible possible.

Virtual Events - The Concierge Club

The Importance of Hiring the Right Virtual Event Company

Execution is everything. No matter how grand your plans are, if it’s not carried out by the right team you won’t be able to reach your desired outcome.

Virtual events are especially challenging for brands because of the lack of personal engagement versus in-person events. Maintaining the interest of your viewers can be tricky. Attention spans are short — and it only takes a second for audiences to close the tab of an uninteresting event.

What you’re looking for is a team of professionals with creative ideas who know how to design a smooth flow to keep the crowd engaged. Never idle and never boring — that’s who we are.

How We
Can Help

You want your audience to keep their eyes on the screen during your digital events. With The Concierge Club, no one would even think about looking away. This is how we’ve built our reputation as a top-tier virtual event planner. Because of our dynamic virtual event services, we’ve helped the world’s biggest brands capture and maintain the attention of their audience in online spaces.

The whole world is going digital. Team up with the company that’s reshaping the future of the virtual event planning scene with groundbreaking innovation. Walk into the future of events and dominate the scene with The Concierge Club.  

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